Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Collaborating with us to help make Oddballs the bestest thing out there.

Submissions have now closed.
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Oddballs isn't just about good entertainment. It’s also about getting people involved in the process of making something awesome. We want to involve you and your skills and ideas to help add some spice to this series.

Calling everybody from everywhere! You don’t need to be involved in anything film to help out!

We don’t care if you're an industry professional, pushing papers nine to five, a student, an astronaut, a CEO or turning dung heaps for a living. We believe everybody has a skill in something. We’re looking for songwriters, composers, artists, writers, poets, academics and even people who have interesting jobs and stories to tell. Hell, even the time you changed the toner cartridge in 12.5 seconds beating the office record is relevant enough.

So if you can read this sentence you can collaborate!

For more information about the series, click here.

So how do I get started?

That’s easy. All you need to do to submit material/offer your skills is to fill in the forms below. There are two different forms for two categories, skills and creative material.

Here's more details on the categories.

Skills are pretty much anything that allows you to create new things or help us out. As a general rule, anything that isn't already created is a skill (do apply common sense though). For example music composition is a skill, but your death-metal-opera-pop soundtrack isn't.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of skills we are looking for:

Visual Effects
Creative Material
Keen to help with anything

Creative Material
This is basically anything that has been already created. This may include music you have created, paintings, sculptures, stories and any ideas that you have. This material will be used to help create our sets, funk up our background music and pimp up our script etc. So even if you think what you have isn't relevant, send it to us anyway.

And here’s a fabulous list of what we are looking for:
Visual design
Story ideas
Work experiences (from anything, even oil riggers are game)
Personal story
Other (get creative, anything goes)

I want to submit dammit, where do I go?

There are two separate forms for each different category. Click the one you which is most relevant and follow the simple and friendly instructions.
If you are unsure about what each form is for, click here.

Click here to offer your skills
Click here to submit creative material

Okay I've done that, what now?

We will personally go through all of your creative material and if we can use it we will contact you. If we decide to use your skills, we'll get in touch as well. If we use your material and/or skills we will credit you.
You will still own the creative rights to whatever you create and contribute to. All you have given us is permission to use your stuff in the series and its promotional material.